T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, September 13, 2015

First Day of School Photos...

School started...

I can tell because everything else is put on the side burner while we get back into rhythms. This year we have two kids in school. I am surprised by the deafening silence of our home when the two older ones are away and the baby is napping. 

Here are the photos of them before school with the exception of the last, that is after school. I did make S's first day of school dress. She chose the fabric and and did the sewing. T wore his crochet necklace with a little guy inside for "good luck". There is also a photos of S with her best bud B who stays with us during the middle part of the week while her mama is at school. Little BB badly wanted to go to school. Alas, all too soon, Dear One. 

S LOVES school. I cannot emphasize that enough. All reports I get are that she is simply perfect and a model example in class. I think she uses all her energy doing that because she gets home and the house is no longer quiet or still. T is starting to feel shy and is having a bit more difficulty adjusting to his new class and teacher. He loved first grade and his teacher so much I just think for this little guy it's going to take some time anytime there is a big change. S has the same teacher T had for kindergarten. We all adore her and every day of school is the "best day EVER!!!" 

I have started volunteering in S's class. I'm there once a week and will be tag-teaming art with another parent. I am also apprenticing to take over the art program for the entire school. That will begin next year. I was in first grade every week last year. I don't think I'll be able to be in second grade all that much. The need is so restricted that I don't think I can fit into those parameters. However, I think between art and kindergarten there is plenty to keep me going. Plus, we're back to having our morning breakfast crew two days a week and B three days a week.

B and S start dance this upcoming week. They will go in the morning before kindergarten. T is still doing taekwondo two night a week. S is also doing gymnastics 5 hours a week. She's quite talented and that's not just me being biased. We're busy but it's going smoothly. We are all quite happy and content.

Wood Floors...

So I got a bee in my bonnet a few months back that I was tired of the carpet in our living area and we should replace it. Then I decided I didn't want carpet but instead wanted it all to be wood. Little did I know what an under taking it would be.

However, a cabin trip, a hotel stay, lots of moving furniture, and lots of "just a few more days" later we had our floors. The flooring people told us a 4 day job. We left for four days. Three days into it my friend who is watching our house says, "your floors do not look like they will be ready for your return". She was right. The flooring people booked "a day job" in the middle of our job bumping us into the 5 day range. We return to town just to have to stay at a hotel. (Hubby and I both had to return to work hence we could not stay at the cabin another day.) Add another $150 to our growing expensive floors. I wasn't happy. S drew a photo of me when I got the news.

Then they failed to tell us that we could not put furniture on the newly completed floors for another 3 days AFTER we were able to occupy the house. So, we ate on a table cloth where our table would have been.

Then they refused to reconnect our refrigerator (which they disconnected) because a plumber needed to do it so they would not be held liable for any leaking and damage as a result. Again, they never mentioned this nor was it in the paper work.

They did tell us they would be pulling up our baseboards so those would need to be repainted. We finally had that done this past week. A month later and we are about ready to move the final pieces of furniture back into the house. It's beautiful but an undertaking I was not mentally prepared for.

The finished product...

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lake Cabin Fun...

We had to leave our home while the floors were being re-done. We loaded up the kids, drove 2 1/2 hours to the family lake cabin, and had fun. 

The first night and day were a bit rough. There are spiral stairs that have always made me totally paranoid. Especially since little ones can fit right through the railings to the stairs and in the loft. We put up a gate but BB is an adept climber and broke through several times. It was not until she fell down 4 stairs and got stuck between the railing that she realized it was unsafe and she stopped trying. We caught up on our rest and the remainder of the vacation was glorious.

There was lots of beach play time every day. The lake water was warn and fairly shallow so the kids enjoyed jumping off the dock and swimming out until they could no longer reach bottom. The dock gave little BB some slivers in her feet but she proudly showed off her bandages after I had to do minor surgery to remove them.

We ate a lot of unhealthy foods. It's vacation - I did not prevent kids from snacking on Cheetos. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. T was our best roaster but he would not partake in s'mores. I picked him up a bag of gummie bears and he ate nearly the entire bag (600 calories worth) minus a few he tossed into the fire to see what would happen. He already experimented on what happens when they are placed in water for several days.

BB discovered she loves Cookie Monster as much as her mama did at the same age. She only recently started having a bit of screen time in the form of classic Sesame Street.

Anya the dog went, too, and she had a grand time running up and down the beach just being a dog and getting dirty. (She usually quite prissy so rarely gets dirty.)

I got about 15 minutes total time to myself for relaxing which is 15 minutes more than Hubby got. I managed to crochet less than a row on my afghan that I am trying to finish. We did nap when BB napped and that helped.

The car ride fluctuated between good and bad depending on how our resident toddler was doing. Car travel is not her thing - she is just like her mama in regards to that.

I think it was one of the best trips to the cabin ever. I've never utilized everything it has to offer in one trip. The kids had a blast and are asking to go back already. Celebrating our Christmas in July tradition there may have also made it extra special.

Summer 2015 Fun

It's been two months. I've spent much of the time becoming unplugged. I want this summer to be about being with my family and friends and not having the wall of my phone and the internet between them and me. Plus, we're just so busy these days there is little time for blogging. So here are the highlights from our summer.

Highlights from our summer:

Water park with friends (Iron Woman and her three kids and Ms. B and her three kids.) BB stayed with Nana so I just had older kids. Maybe next year she can join us. We had such a great time I think we might just have to go again next year.

At 18 months BB could get out of her crib. I made a "transition bed" out of piled up blankets in my closet. Around 20 months she was ready for a real bed. S moved upstairs and BB took her room down stairs. During that same time, potty training really sank in and she is close to 100% at home. Just like that she grew up. First photo is her enjoying her transition bed in the empty corner of my bedroom closet. The next is of her in her big girl bed. She and S now have matching beds. She does great and generally stays in her bed until 7:30 am. She sleeps with her beloved Blank, "Jew jew owl" (Andrew owl), and Plo the green turtle. S gave her all her Frozen bedding since she LOVES Elsa and Anna despite never having seen the movie.

Couple of visits to the zoo with special friends. The butterfly exhibit is always fun. The carousel is always a hit with the kids. T also went to asthma camp so the photo below in the red shirt reflects that.

Celebrated Independence Day. Good Neighbors D and M made a guest appearance. It was wonderful to have them. They are no longer next door but traditionally they have always come over to watch our kid fireworks. They did not break the tradition this year. It was delightful! The neighbors from across the street have a son that goes to school with T. They also participated.

 We had the van professionally washed. The kids still talk about shooting the soap at the van.

Lego construction - T has logged a lot of hours in his creative Lego universe. He has a friend from up the street that comes over for 2-3 hours at a time and all they do is play Legos. He and his dad also have some epic battles. S prefers to construct rather than build.

Dress up and make over time:

Learning to ride bikes without training wheels. S was a week ahead of her brother. The bike shop had to install special large wheels for his big kid bike. After three months and seeing his sister take hers off successfully he was ready to make the transition. It took both of them about 15 minutes or less once we took off the trainers. This all the same week BB went to her big girl bed. It really did feel like over night, they grew up hence the photo of T heading off into the sunset.

Reading - all the kids have spent a lot of time reading. S is about where T was at the beginning of first grade. T is well past where his dad and I were at going into second grade. Maybe 6-7th level reading? Hard to find age appropriate reading that challenges him. BB insists on being read to  - constantly. She will grab any willing participant to read her most loved book " Good Night Moon".

Pickling cucumbers. I had all day help from a variety of folks. Mrs. T, her daughter, Iron Woman and her crew, my kiddos. It was great fun.

Drawing Contest. The kids entered the library drawing contest. S wanted to draw Ahsoke the female Jedi. I did not know who she was talking about until we arrived at the library and she showed me the life size version,

We had our hardwood floors resurfaced and took out a chunk of carpet replacing it with wood. The wood coloration seemed to match up nicely. What a process though! We had plenty of adventures getting this done - including eating without furniture for an entire weekend. We spent most of the time at the family lake cabin (separate posting onto itself). We're very happy with the finished product.

It's been a wonderful summer. I am soaking up these amazing kiddos, as is their dad. We have spent a lot of time just being together as a family and building memories we can enjoy forever. I am honored to have all these individuals in my life whether they are my husband (I wish I had more photos of him), my own children, children I borrow, children we play with, or special friends who know how to make me smile. Great summer. Blessed life.